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"These are the last days of humanity.
Close your eyes, listen to the last whisper
of a million years of arts and philosophy:
A falling civilization to remember


Walk in the starry sky: dark around twinkling lights,
Now too many days have followed billions of nights
Only shadows and ghosts will be moving along
'til end of times hearing this melancholy song."


A transcendent audio-visual illusion taking one to experience floating between worlds, where everything and nothing is real.

Violins : Jennifer Pio, Jean-Samuel Bez

Lights : Simon Barbaux

Electronics/Composition : Quentin Meurisse

Composition : Kirsten Harma, David Sotiropoulos

The 2Väinö Project developed a new concept of classical concert, creating links between the poetry and the virtuosity of the violin to design new sounds, visual illusions and light figures.

In their concerts, they illustrate the visual aspect of the music, by making an interaction between the music piece and a light installation. As a matter of fact, each sequence of the music has a different atmosphere. They are musically defined (rhythms, harmonies, ...), and colored with lights. The music and the musicians are at the same time included in the space of the concert place and at the same time making the illusion of an ephemeral existence.

Around the Ysaye Sonata for two violins, they joined pieces of Honnegger, Bartok and Bryars, and today's young composers.


Among the years, the 2Väinö Project performed in several concerts in France. Recently, they played at the Bozar Opening Night, where they had the opportunity to develop a new concept around visual illusions.

The duett is now creating a show connecting musical creations of new composers, electronics and light installation.

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