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Guided by the search for ever more intimate chamber music, French musicians Raphaël Béreau and Jean-Samuel Bez, create an atmosphere of softness and subtlety arising from the combination of the timbres of the violin and the guitar. Founded in Vienna in 2019, the duo not only performs the traditional repertoire of the ensemble, but also enriches it by adapting and arranging many of the most beautiful pages of French and German romanticism.

Long-time friends, the two artists are former members of Quintette Douze (PSIR Prize, Strasbourg, 2011). Subsequently, they developed a career as chamber musicians in the groups R2T2 Guitar Duo, J2-Duo and Trio Spilliaert, all of which have been awarded the highest distinctions in international competitions.

In 2022, they collaborate on the recording of the complete trios of the composer Jacqueline Fontyn (born 1930), released by the German label Cybele.

Raphaël Béreau - guitar

Raphaël Béreau started playing music as a child in the streets of Bayonne with his friends. "Playing together" was to remain his driving force. In Paris, he developed his learning: the guitar in Christian Rivet's class Christian Rivet's class, analysis at the École Normale, chamber music in the classes of Eric Lesage and Eric Lesage and Paul Meyer. In Montreal, he obtained his Master's degree of Interpretation in the class of class of Alvaro Pierri.

In Vienna, he created the R2T2 Duo with guitarist Tizoc Romero, which explores a vast repertoire of original works and repertoire of original works and personal arrangements, ranging from Baroque to Contemporary from Baroque to Contemporary and World Music. They won the First Prize in the International of Omis, Elche, Schweinfurt, the Audience Prize of Valencia... and perform in the International in the International Guitar Festivals of Paris, Elche... They made two tours in India mixing concerts, masterclasses and improvisations with local instrumentalists.

Raphaël travels extensively and encounters other musical instruments such as the violin instruments: the violin, the double bass, the flute, the string quartet and the orchestra. He likes to explore other worlds, such as Musical Theatre. Travel, sharing and discovery are the threads that guide him.

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